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BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2 Metal Detector
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Metal detector BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2 is a professional metal detector, designed to work in any type of terrain (highly mineralized, with high content of minerals and highly contaminated sites). Detector has excellent depth and discrimination, and easy customization and need minimal maintenance. This makes it suitable not only for professionals but also for beginners seekers.
Detector BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2 is designed for all types of terrain. The detector has advanced configuration options of discrimination and ground balance, which gives him an excellent depth of detection and discrimination in all conditions, in highly mineralized areas, areas with a high content of minerals, land strewn with pottery and land dotted with stone slabs. Metal BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2 can successfully detect coins in highly mineralized areas and placed into ceramics, stones and rocks, and have good depth of detection, not only to copper but also silver and gold objects.

Actually, metal detector BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2 is one of the deepest detectors with discrimination in the world, inductive type balance.

BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2 detector is made of high quality, RoHS compliant and fully shielded against electromagnetic interference electronics and high-quality components such as sound and lightweight detachable bearing structure made of aluminum and carbon fiber, electronic unit contained in a lightweight and strong box made of ABS and aluminum, standard 28 cm (11 ") DD waterproof search coil, double shielded against electromagnetic interference for the search coil cable, connectors for the search coil with gold-plated connections, connectors for battery charging with gold-plated connections. All this ensures its smooth operation, regardless of temperature variations and other environmental characteristics, durability and padded with 3-year worldwide warranty.
The detector has a manual and automatic mode to eliminate the influence of the earth, as in automatic mode is available with three additional switch zones auto ground for soils with low, medium and high ineralizatsiya m. These preset zones make use of metal detector easily and efficiently.
Discrimination detector BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2 is adjusted by: DISCRIMINATOR switch that provides three independent modes of discrimination and allows optimizing behavior, and potentiometers DISCR LEVEL and DISCR DEPTH, which enable: Set the level of detection / rejection of iron foil and low-grade non-ferrous metals (usually pollutants), and adjusting the depth of discrimination. All this allows to achieve optimum alignment of the metal detector in contaminated areas, areas with hot rocks and mineralized areas, and is a prerequisite for even better results.
Standard, BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2 is equipped with LiPo Battery 11.1V, 2200mAh, which is characterized by high quality, low weight and long life. To recharge it, to set the standard metal detector is automatically included LiPo charger.

- Induction Balance (IB)
- Very Low Frequency (VLF)
- SuperB Depth = Super BLISSTOOL Depth (SBD)
- Base operating frequency: 8.0 KHz
- Adjustable operating frequency (+-60Hz)
- Operating mode: motion
- Auditory Discrimination
- Standard 28cm (11 ") DD search coil
- Built-in LiPo Battery 11.1V, 2200mAh high quality and long life
- Automatic LiPo battery charger
- Manual and Automatic Ground Balance (coarse and fine adjustments in mode Manual Ground Balance)
- A switch with three auto ground zones (on automatic ground balance)
- High-speed detection
- High-speed recovery from overload
- Adaptable behavior: can be "noisy" or completely "silent"
- Adjustable input AC signal amplification detected object
- Adjustable frequency sound
- Adjustable silencer background sound
- Adjustable audio threshold
- Adjustable volume
- Discriminator with three independent modes of discrimination
- Adjustable detection / rejection of iron foil and low-grade non-ferrous metals (usually pollutants)
- Adjustable depth discrimination
- LED low battery indicator
- Output for stereo headphones with a 6.35mm (1/4 ") stereo jack
- Single charge: up to 30 hours
- Consumption: min: 35mA, max: 100mA
- Detachable and adjustable support structure of aluminum and carbon
- Strong and comfortable handle and armrest
- E-block light and sound box made of ABS and aluminum
- E-block located under the armrest
- Electronics completely shielded against electromagnetic interference
- Double shielded against electromagnetic interference for the search coil cable
- Connectors for the search coil with gold-plated connections
- Connectors for battery charging with gold-plated connections
- Weight assembled and ready to use sastonie: 1.78 kg.
- RoHS compliant
- 3-year worldwide warranty