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The long-awaited Golden Mask 5WD - The new leader in professional metal detectors is here.
        All the contemporary technologies together in a unique detector.

Golden Mask 5WD-Dual Processor Technology with WS 105

Everything you expect from a detector: Excellent performance, Depth, Speed, Ease of use. Lightweight and ergonomic.Golden Mask 5WD  is everything!

Golden Mask 5WD is specifically designed to provide maximum effectiveness on all types of soils.The metal detector is produced from high-quality components and materials to ensure maximum product life.

  • Golden Mask 5WD
  • DPT-Dual Processor Technology,
  • Dual Operating Frequency,
  • Spectrum VDI,
  • Ground Balance-Auto/Manual,
  • Fast Recovery Speed,
  • 100% Carbon fiber telescopic shaft,
  • Wireless Headphones-105
  • 9'' Spider Search Coil(waterproof)
  • 10 Rechargeable batteries 1.2 V AA/ 1000 mAh
  • Smart automatic charger
  • Weight- 1,35kg ( with battery)
  • Warranty of electronics-5 years