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XP G-MAX II V4 MEGA - 2 search coils
  • Brand: XP
  • Product Code: XP-GMAX
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• Frequency : 4,6 Khz.

• Mode : Motion

• Multi-tone discrimination in ALL METAL mode

• Microprocessor analysis of signals

• Volume control for low Tone (iron volume)

• New fine-tuning using “IRON THRESHOLD” allows you to identify iron as a low 

tone very precisely, giving YOU control

• Ground Balance : adjustable

• SILENCER switch : 3 position to limit iron false signals

• Wireless headphone transmitter (new 2 channel version) already built into the 

circuit boards of these four new detectors

• New FREQ SHIFT switch on the front of the detectors to reduce any interference 

from other XP machines being used nearby.

- Change the channel of the Wireless headphone (ch1/ch2)

- Change the frequency of the detector (Freq 1/ Freq 2)

• Improved graduation of the sensitivity settings

• New powerful, entirely reworked circuit board, combining performance together 

with higher sensitivity to winkle out the ‘goodies’.

• Faster recovery than previous models enabling you to find deeper targets near 


• Power : 8 Alkaline batteries 1.5Volts AA or rechargeable NiMh pack.

• Battery life : alkaline : 45 hours - Battery : 45 hours (2300 mAh NiMh)

• Battery low alert

• Coil cover, backphone FX-01 and Hipmount bag provided


• Onboard 240v charging via coil socket charges all 8 batteries at once for 


• Rechargeable Nimh Batteries

• Search coil 27 cm, Elliptical 24x11cm, 38x45 cm and concentric 25/21cm 


• 2 years : Electronic box.

• 1 year : Search coil.