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The Gold Maxx Power V4 is an exceptional detector to find little targets in difficults type of soil (mineralized*).

Its search frequency (18 kHz), makes it a very sensitive to targets that are usually very difficult to detect, like thin coins, gold nuggets, jewels and all other small objects.

Whith the gold MAXX Power you will find more than gold !

An important flexibility in the set up allows you to fit in with the ground you wish prospect, thanks to the Multi-Tones mode, the IRON LEVEL and the new IRON THRESHOLD adjustements.

We chose instantaneous sound signalling, rather than a LCD display because of the extraordinary faculties of analysis of the human ear compared to an LCD display.
LCD displays cannot respond in real time and do not capture weak signals that are too brief or too close to other signals

Gold Maxx Power sound signalling provides real-time output of he most imperceptible signal.

* We use the term “mineralized” soil to refer to soil that is naturally magnetic or has become magnetic due to intense human occupancy (ferrous debris or terracotta). The term does not include seawater (salt water) , which is not magnetic but is conductive.

Our detectors use wide scan search heads (Double D), because this coil geometry allows a better grounds penetration. 

The optional elliptic 24x11 search coil will improve the selectivity on iron trash area, this is the best complement to the Gold Maxx.

You will appreciate the sturdiness and the manufacturing quality of our equipment. Because a metal detector is generally used in extreme conditions, we have given full attention to the most sensitive parts. Gold Maxx Power is being developed and manufactured with quality components and material, thus ensuring your XP detector a maximum useful life.